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GWR ATC Ramp Instructions

The brackets for these are available from this page of our online shop.

Illustrations still required (to be renumbered):

  1. Perspective view of end packing, T section profile
  2. Perspective view of splice sleepers
  3. Position w.r.t. centres on straight and curves
  4. Where to remove material to reduce overall height

The sprue contains enough brackets for one long ramp (used on running lines) or two shorter ramps (used in pairs at the exit/entrance to loco depots). The long ramps are topped with an inverted T-section to reduce wear and are made in two halves with a half-lapped joint which is kept together by a pair of splice plates (Figure 3).

The long ramps should be positioned 1 to the right of the track centre-line on curves and, on straight track, offset 1 on one side of the centre-line at one end then skewed to 1 on the other side at the other end.

Cut the wooden ramps from 2.4mm thick material to the shapes and sizes shown above. Either cut from 3mm thick material and then sand it down; or glue laminations of thinner material together. Contact Intentio Design who can laser-cut either option from MDF for you.

The brackets are bolted to alternate sleepers with an additional bracket beneath the half-lap joint. The inverted T-section on the long ramps is shaped at each end (see Figure 2) to reduce the impact of the locomotive pick-up shoe.


The printed components and dimensions quoted are designed to create a scale model.

BEWARE if your locomotives or rolling stock have anything that protrudes too low. Things to watch out for include ATC pick-up shoes; gears; gearboxes; electrical pickups; brake cross-shafts; coupling chains; vacuum and steam-heat hoses.

To reduce the possibility of damage to your locomotives and rolling stock take a little off each of the top of the T-section; the bottom of the wooden ramp; the horizontal part of the bracket; the bottom of the bracket and, if you still need more, follow the prototype and cut a chunk out of the sleeper as well. Taking a few thou off of each part should not affect the overall appearance too much.

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